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The Psoas - Posture & Perception

  • Eliot Hall Church street St Germans, PL12 5NR UK (map)

The Psoas - Posture & Perception

We will explore & discover ways to unravel the iliopsoas in this 3-hour workshop. Playing with gravity to release the innate vitality that we all hold within us, returning to and establishing nutritious movement practices that nurture the body and embody self-awareness. 

Building on on past workshops, in which we explored the spine and its structure & function to develop & deepen awareness. Working fluidly to explore how we relate to ourselves and our bodies and eliciting a coherent response versus a reaction, working with our bodies not against them, to find clarity.   

The iliopsoas is intimately connected with our central nervous system, learning awareness of this deep postural muscle and ways to release tension in this area, helps support the healthy function of the spine, spinal cord and nerves. 

The nutritious movement will be followed by nutritious raw food snacks that inspire health from the inside. 

Suitable for everybody, mixed level. 

We will explore different themes throughout each session, building our knowledge and experience and deepening our practice, through movement meditations and breath practices.  

Cost: £25 - per 3 hour Yoga Workshop 

Booking in advance. Please complete the form below or email me: / 07805 264 987

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