Yoga for Mummy & Me Toddler, Pregnancy Yoga.

Gentle &Beginners Yoga.

Hannah is an experienced British Wheel of Yoga teacher, certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Her specialist training in pre & postnatal yoga ensures classes are safe for post-natal recovery and are fun for all ages. She teaches inclusive and accessible classes and also offers Gentle Yoga, Beginners Yoga and regular Weekend Workshops.

Hannah Guy also teaches Gentle Yoga and Beginners Yoga classes, a Hatha and Scaravelli inspired yoga class.  A gentle yet challenging yoga in which we learn to listen deeply, cultivate receptivity and increase our awareness. Working with gravity and relaxation through exhalation, helping to quiet the mind and bring us back to our centred selves.  In learning to elongate and extend, rather than push and pull, we invite the body to open and and come back into balance. 

Some benefits of this approach: 

  • improved postural habits and awareness

  • increased muscle strength and flexibility

  • positive breathing patterns

  • reduced neck and lower back pain

  • release of tension and fatigue

  • stress relief

  • deep relaxation

Through yoga we discover that the way we breathe, stand or think all profoundly effect how we feel and the way we interact with the world. We see how the habitual patterns of holding in our bodies act as veils to conceal our wholeness.
— Ayala Gill

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