Scaravelli inspired yoga

Yoga never teaches you something you don't already have, it only removes things you no longer need. Yoga removes obstacles and internal resistance that stands in our way. The body is a fascinating vehicle for discovery and each asana is a container for an experience. An experience that hopefully takes us deeper into self awareness of both body and mind. 

"To absorb the teaching takes infinite time and no ambition" - Vanda Scaravelli

Mechanics of man.

In the winter of 1510 Leonardo Di Vinci produced the beautiful detailed studies of the human spine . Today we learn to move again from our centre - the spinal column. 

Vanda Scaravelli Awaening the spine.jpg

What is Scaravelli inspired yoga?

Scaravelli Yoga isn't so much about the shape you make with your body or the name of poses but the awareness you bring to the experience and what it feels like for you in your body. Your body shows you where it will open, when you let go of the idea of where it should open.  Releasing the body through inviting relaxation rather than using force. 



Yoga must not be practiced to control the body: it is the opposite, it must bring freedom to the body, all the freedom it needs.’ 
Vanda Scaravelli