Thoughts on developing a home yoga practice


Yoga Home Practice Workshop

Next workshop February 2nd 2019.

Whatever it is that we do we want to make practicing yoga regular as easy as possible, this is why I offer classes each week that are aimed at being as accessible as possible for people. And I am a big proponent of integrating practice into everyday life.

If you are struggling to be consistent with your practice at home, you may have the idea that it needs to be something sacred, precious and separate from the day-to-day or you maybe its that you set the bar quite high and want to practice for an hour at a time.

As a mum of a two & half year old toddler Bella, I grab a practice wherever I can. And I can assure you that I wen through years of thinking I had to have a separate room and a clear space to practice. It is beautiful if you can have solitude and serenity to practice, I love those days when space emerges and I find a beautiful movement mediation.

Those are what keep you going on the days when its not so serene, like when I’m trying to breath mindfully laying on my back while my toddler jumps on my head…its hard to say the least.

My advice is practice wherever you are. Accessible Yoga is about being accessible in the everyday. So rather than putting off a practice because it doesn’t feel like a sanctuary, get on you mat and just move, breath ground and relax….the sanctuary will emerge from within no matter whats going on outside!

Just practice….can be 5 mins can be 2 hours, just practice.


The path to practice isn’t always easy…

but it is sooooooo worth it….